Photographer Regina Gavrilova

Evening Ride Home

This photo was taken late in the evening on the A train in NYC. Looking at both subjects seen in this photo, it was like the day’s noise, responsibilities reflected on their faces. In their own ways.

Parisian Woman

This was shot in Paris, I spotted her having a smoke and staring onto the world around her. Her attitude, her vibe, it was just so quintessentially Parisian.

Boy on Train

This boy was crammed in between adults on a packed train. He had his backpack, his books. He had an observing and deep look to him, I think that is why we noticed each other.

Mozart on the Subway Platform

This was shot on a subway platform in NYC. One of the greatest things of riding the trains daily is catching a magnificent musician playing his instrument, trying to earn some extra money. This man was playing a piece by Mozart, and there’s nothing like hearing those delicate notes echoing through the tunnels.

This artists work is also featured in the Long Beach ArtWalk Magazine Fall Issue. The magazine can be downloaded or purchased in print here.