Photographer Hannele Lundy

Hannele Lundy is a conceptual fine art photographer that creates surreal self-portraits. Currently, North Carolina based but as a native Finn, she decided to independently explore and learn photography and photo manipulation after her move to the United States.
Photography started as a way to express herself and her creativity but has evolved into deeper visual narratives. Her work is often inspired by her own life experiences but also by poetry and nature.

A self-portrait”

“Some days being emotional is my superpower while other times it’s a curse”

“Behind The Frame.

An image that portrays the difficulties of living with anxiety, depression or other mental illness.


“Stop and observe the beauty and listen to the amazing sounds that nature offers. Nature truly is the place where I find myself the days I feel lost”

This artists work is also featured in the Long Beach ArtWalk Magazine Fall Issue. The magazine can be downloaded or purchased in print here.