Photographer Gabe Gandara

I’m So Angry

Where I amThis work was created as part of an ongoing series entitled “Sign Language”. This work intends to document the messages, frustrations, and voices of protest participants. These homemade signs act as a large graphical voice for the participant and demonstrate a wide range of emotions or points of views. This ongoing project will capture these voices and messages as well as the language aesthetic depicted in the copious number of signs.


Wilted is an image meant to depict our relationship with referential images. As we view hundreds and even thousands of images every single day, we as a society communicate and interact with visual language more than ever. As modern viewers we have to constantly ask ourselves what does this image mean to me, how does this effect my life, is this image real or just another marketing tool. Wilted asks the viewer to remember the last image that truly struck a chord with them. What was the last image that did not feel like a generic marketing tool, and If you the viewer could remember what it was like to view photography as a true medium instead of a social media asset?

Where I am

This Photo Tableau depicts a figure perched on an empty bed reminiscing of experiences, events and occurrences that have brought her to this moment. As the twilight awaits just outside her bedroom door, our figure is fully aware of her alienation and her ever growing curiosity of her new domestic space. This ambiguous Tableau is intended for the audience to imagine themselves on a new journey of a private space, one in which they have created or sought out for any number of purposes in their own life.

This artists work is also featured in the Long Beach ArtWalk Magazine Fall Issue. The magazine can be downloaded or purchased in print here.