Andrew Taylor

British Photographer based in LA. Focused on every day and Street photography. Analogue 35mm Canon A1 is the weapon of choice.

“Venice Chess Queen”

Serendipitous street shot.  Taken right off the beach, I loved how they were playing chess on the side of the road at the cross-section near Rose. I love how the subjects close pop with the bright white and illuminate the scene.

“Smoking Thoughts”

A serendipitous shot, the man looked relaxed and deep in through gazing out over Santa Monica beach with his cigarette, I couldn’t tell if he was relaxed or full of thoughts of regret, either way soon after I took this shot he was gone, I’ll never know which one it was.

“You’re a Dope Soul”

Credit to @lckdart for the graffiti. I loved subtly noticing this off of Abott Kinney. The juxtaposition between graffiti and modern Venice home caught my eye, firmly in the watcher’s eye with the composition of the shot, stalking the mansion from the street.

“To the Telescope”

A shot from up at Griffith observatory, I loved the contrast of colors and the simplicity of the shot. I tried to take the shot without the subject noticing but he did. He tried to get a laugh for his friends which is when I took the shot hence the thumbs up.

“Cloudy Bowls”

A Cloudy day down in Venice beach, I loved capturing the three skateboarders and the contrast between the action pose on the right and the two guys taking a breather.

“That makes the boardwalk look straight up Chic”

I showed a friend this shot and that was her reaction, I liked the genuine response, a title taken directly from her.

This artists work is also featured in the Long Beach ArtWalk Magazine Fall Issue. The magazine can be downloaded or purchased in print here.