Artist Marz Pacheco

My motivation for painting is personal and intimate: my paintings are love letters to my wife. Each work is a message containing something I want to tell her about myself, herself, or our love. Because I paint for and about love, I create pieces that are uncomfortable, beautiful, frightening, sad, and heartwarming. Being flexible in style and embracing the unpredictability of oil paints allows these emotions and feelings to resonate from my work.
I’m inspired and galvanized by my wife and awed by the enigma of love. As I grow older and closer to the final moment I will see my soulmate, I wonder if I have uplifted her and helped her find her inner light. Did I help her explore life? Did I paint everything from deep within that I couldn’t say out loud? Until that time comes, I share my letters to Amanda with you.

Oil on gallery wrapped canvas.

“Riflessione Interna” – (Internal Reflection)

The woman I write these letters to shows me life in a different light. She carries a silent strength, a force, a power, something that I just can’t explain. It flows naturally from who she is. This work is the closest I can come to showing what I see.
When she walks, it trails her like no element that exists. It shares her light with the world around her, and I just want more. I can’t hold this force, but now I know it exists I won’t stop reaching for it.

Oil on gallery wrapped canvas.

“Soos Ek Kan Asemhaal” – (As I Can Breathe)

We wander this life trying to understand the purpose to it. Why are we here? Why do we exist? What purpose do I serve to this life. I don’t have that answer. But I know that if I gave up, I’d never know what was supposed to be. So many times I allow the opaque mist of the unknown to shroud my eyes. I also see the summit of this mountain I’m climbing. It’s not a struggle, undesired, or drenched in pain. It’s a personal path, and faith is the destiny.

For my journey I may feel like I’m walking alone. The reality is that she walks beside me with every step. If I fall, it is I who needs to stand and I will continue on because I have this need to see what she does.

Oil on gallery wrapped canvas.

“Ricordi Fluenti” – (Flowing Memories)

This piece speaks of joy, pain, sorrow… Memories billowing our of us and surrounding our lives as proof of time that has passed. There are also those memories that have yet to come that give us the chance to become who we truly want to be.

Oil on gallery wrapped canvas.

“La Speranza” – (The Hope)

This work speaks of the limited time that we all have as we live in this world. We’re all different, and yet we’re all looking for the same things. Clarity. Understanding. Hope.

We let fear, doubt, and negativity fill in the voids and we begin to feel like we will just fade into the darkness. But what if we could reach through that darkness? What if the light on the other side of your hopelessness is someone who is reaching back, waiting to pull you through? This is the moment that we look up and see the possibility of more. All we need to do is just try and reach out.

This artists work is also featured in the Long Beach ArtWalk Magazine Fall Issue. The magazine can be downloaded or purchased in print here.