Artist Em Hernandez

Hello there! My name is Em Hernandez and I’m a visual artist and teacher that lives in Orange County, California. I graduated from California State University, Long Beach in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education. I work across different mediums such as drawing, painting and hand-built sculpture. My work blends old techniques with new and is inspired by horror, fantasy and the human body.

Pen and Ink on Paper


To me, I’m most frightened by the corruptibility of the human body. There is something very upsetting about not feeling safe in your skin, which is our home. Diseases are particularly frightening to me and this piece is an expression of my anxieties about the unknown, helplessness and distrust of my own body.

Pen and Ink on Paper

“Winged Hands”

Pen and Ink on Paper


This artists work is also featured in the Long Beach ArtWalk Magazine Fall Issue. The magazine can be downloaded or purchased in print here.