Artist Daniel Toledo

Daniel aka “Mister Toledo” is a San Diego-born artist who is a rising star in the art scene. His creative journey led him to Los Angeles, where he currently resides with the hope of sharing his art with others through gallery shows and beautifying the city with dynamic and introspective murals. In his work, Daniel draws inspiration from his own life and explores deeply personal and vulnerable themes regarding the human experience.

Sea Clearly Show 2020 – Long Beach

This Climate Change show is a platform to bring awareness through art, research, and community This show is dedicated to climate change with murals touching on the topic of climate change and ocean conservation. This is another Hello Welcome Art exhibit!

Mine was about sea level rising.

Long Beach Chestnut st 2020

This mural I collaborated with Roshi. We got artistic freedom for this one, but we had to put some symbols on it. Always wanted to make a mural that had to do with with Mother Nature and this one ended up being like a mother universe looking at her child planet earth

Great Falls Artsfest Montana

For a lot of my art I use tend to use friends, family, and music as inspiration. For this one I asked a friend from Long Beach Vanessa Luz Y Ana to model for me. As I was taking pictures a got to learned a lot from her and her family. Like they’re from the same place as my family in Mexico Michoacon. Which was great because I really wanted to do a mural that honored my people and our culture.

Paint Memphis – Lamar TheaterĀ 

This was the first time getting accepted to do a mural event. This mural was inspired by me ground through hard times which felt like I was falling down almost about to hit the ground, but I always kept looking up. The birds were my family and friends who help me from ever hitting the ground. They inspire me to keep going reaching the skies.

Paint Memphis is a one-day paint festival which has been the largest collaborative mural in Tennessee. This a place where artists can show off their talents and connect in a community of local and regional painters as well as over volunteers, food and drink trucks, and live music to make this event fun for art lovers of all ages.

This artists work is also featured in the Long Beach ArtWalk Magazine Fall Issue. The magazine can be downloaded or purchased in print here.