Artist Caroline Duffy

Caroline Duffy is an artist, who presents works that aim to raise the human spirit and melds our eccentricities and norms, from the past and present, and twists them poignantly into something new and fresh. Caroline has been accepted as a member of the Los Angeles Art Association and has presented her work at the Worth Ryder Gallery, Martin Luther King Multicultural Center at UC Berkeley, Fusion Arts 3rd Annual Women Artists Exhibition, and “Orange Juiced” at Emerge Gallery. She graduated from UC Berkeley in December 2019, with a BA in Art Practice, with Highest Recognition and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.
Duffy’s goal is to produce realistic, contemporary portraits and satirical pieces that focus on the complexities and idiosyncrasies of the human condition and emotion and how, or if, it evolves over time. Often referencing nostalgic Americana standards, but finding a new lens to examine them through, she looks to both popular culture and fine art to challenge, scrutinize, and define the guiding beliefs and ideals of a multi-tasking society. Knowing there is nothing better than a good laugh (especially these days), she has produced a series of paintings that are playful and hopefully poignant, often lampooning or questioning past and present art, values and mores. Likewise, she strives to produce realistic, contemporary portraits that celebrate the human spirit, with her own flare and perspective.

Oil on Panel, 22 x 22 in


Oil on Panel, 12 x 12 in


Oil on Panel, 28 x 16 in

“Facebook Times”

Facebook Times compares where and how we received news decades ago versus today. The 1950’s paperboy in my painting is delivering newspapers not from accredited media sources, but from social media websites. For good and bad, there is a lot more access to information than ever before and more people who can report on that news and speak to a large audience about it. My piece discusses the consequences of this shift in our news sources and lets the audience decide what their conception of “fake news” is.

Oil on Panel, 28 x 16 in

“Modern Comics”

This artists work is also featured in the Long Beach ArtWalk Magazine Fall Issue. The magazine can be downloaded or purchased in print here.